BitFenix ALCHEMY 2.0 PSU CABLE KIT for Corsair Power Supply AXi/HXi/HX,RM/Rmi/RMx/CS-M/TX-M/CX-M, for BitFenix Power Supply Whisper M , CSR-SERIES – Black/Red (BFX-ALC-CSRKR-RP)


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  • Mfr Part Number: BFX-ALC-CSRKR-RP
  • Features:
    • High Current Alloy Terminals
    • Pure Copper Strand Cables
    • Heatshrink-less Sleeving Process
    • Ultra Dense Sleeving
    • Rubber Cable Combs
    • Precision Molded Connectors
  • Compatibility:
    • AXi Series: AX1500i, AX1200i, AX860i, AX760i
    • HXi Series: HX1200i, HX1000i, HX850i, HX750i
    • RM Series: RM1000, RM850, RM750, RM650, RM550, RM450
    • RMi Series: RM1000i, RM850i, RM750i, RM650i
    • RMx Series: RM1000x, RM850x, RM750x, RM650x, RM550x
    • CS-M Series: CS850M, CS750M, CS650M, CS550M
    • TX-M Series: TX850M, TX750M, TX650M, TX550M
    • CX-M Series: CX750M, CX600M, CX500M, CX430M
  • Cables:
    • 1x 650mm 10+14Pin to 24Pin Cable
    • 1x 650mm 10+18Pin to 24Pin Cable
    • 2x 650mm 8Pin to 4+4Pin CPU Cables
    • 4x 650mm 8Pin to 6+2Pin PCI-Express Cables
    • 2x 650mm + 150mm 8Pin to 6+2Pin Dual PCI-Express Cables
    • 2x 450mm + 150mm 6Pin to Dual SATA Cables
    • 2x 450mm + (3) 150mm 6Pin to Quad SATA Cables
    • 2x 450mm + 150mm 6Pin to Dual Molex Cables
    • 1x 450mm + (2) 150mm 6Pin to Tripple Molex Cable
    • 1x 100mm Molex to 4Pin Flopply Extend Cable
  • Color: Black/Red

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